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ADV Player is a free video player that can support mp4, mpg, and other formats of video playback, it also supports video link downloading. The devices we are supporting are Android/iOS devices but these devices should be rooted to be able to play videos without wifi usage.

Why Do People Prefer the ADV Player to Watch Free Videos?

ADV Player is an Android app that allows users to play videos from the web straight from their mobile phones and tablets. It was originally created as a YouTube client but has since been re-developed as a standalone app that supports many other popular video-sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, and more

The main feature of this player is its ability to play videos from multiple sources including YouTube itself, Facebook, and more! With this feature you can watch videos from anywhere even if they are unavailable in your country — just connect to a different server!

Another great feature is the ability to download videos directly from the browser without having to cut-and-paste links into your phone or tablet — just tap on the link or search for it using Google Play Store or another source!

How Do You Use the ADV Player to Watch Videos?

ADV Player is a straightforward and easy-to-use application. It allows you to play any type of video file including mp4, Mkv, Avi, MPEG, Flv, and many others. You can also download videos from the internet so you don’t have to worry about bandwidth issues or quality issues. When downloading them from different websites around the web.

The Player supports all types of video formats including mp4 and MKV which are widely used by most people today. It supports subtitles as well which makes it more interesting for users who like watching movies with subtitles on their mobile phones or tablets.

How Do You Use an ADV Player On Your Android Phone?

 If you are an Android user and want to watch free videos on your smartphone or tablet. Then you need to download the ADV Player APK. It is a free video player app that can support mp4, mpg,3gp, and other formats of video playback.

With this Player, you can watch free videos on your Android phone and tablet with many features. The Player has been downloaded by millions of users worldwide. And it is one of the most popular video players for Android smartphones and tablets.

The Player has more than 6 million downloads on Google Play Store. We have provided multiple ways to install this app on your Android device including Manual and APK File Downloading.

How do you use ADV Player on your PC?

Using ADV Player on PC:

  1. Download the ADVPacked APK file from the link above and install it on your device.
  2. First install the Bluestacks emulator app on your device to start playing videos in high quality.
  3. Open Bluestacks and search for “ADVPacked” in the search bar or use the search option provided. By Bluestacks to find and launch the “ADVPacked” application.
  4. Once you have launched it click on Add button at the top right corner of the ADV Packed screen to add a new tab with the Video Player option enabled in it.

Click on Add New Tab button again to add New Tab with the Video Player option enabled in it. This will open up a new tab containing only the Video Player section. Allowing you to play any video file saved on your Android device directly from this PC without downloading anything from the internet or any external source like YouTube, etc.


ADV Player supports both SD and HD video playback, it has strong compatibility and high quality. The player can support any video format (e.g. MP4, FLV, AVI, etc), and you do not need to convert between formats, simply play on the app! Advances in video compression technology have prompted developments in this area. Thus within a short period of time, the market was floode with many free video players for our smartphones. And tablets that are claiming to be better than the rest.

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