Messenger Bump

Meta Inc. Regularly provides updates for their messenger application. There are very few people who use Facebook but don’t use Messenger. Around a billion users around the world use Messenger app regularly. That’s why Meta is constantly trying to bring new features. Currently, a new element being noticed in Messenger is “Messenger Bump MESSAGE”. Users can see this feature since the LATEST update of the MESSENGER APP.

Therefore, if you want to use it, you must upgrade your phone’s Messenger app to the latest version. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy the fun of this feature.

Note: Don’t worry about not seeing the feature after updating. You might get the feature in the next update. You don’t have to worry about anything.

What is the function of the Messenger BUMP Feature?

This option is used to quickly mention a message without copy-paste or replying and showing it to other users. So if you have previously sent a picture, video, or text and need to mention it while chatting, then you can use this Messenger BUMP option of the Messenger app.

Through this, you will see the message on the chat screen without any COPY PASTE or REPLY. This will save you some time and make chatting more fun.

How to use Messenger Bump Feature?

To use it, first, you need to go to the Messenger app and open any little cost.

Then tap on the message you want to bump. Then go to the More option and click on the Bump option, the message will be bumped, and “You bumped your (or the name of the person whose message will be bumped) message will be written on that message”.

What Is The Best Way To Bump A Post Without Commenting?

You may manually enhance a post’s engagement by loving it and then sharing it on your Facebook wall if you want to bump it without commenting on it. By posting it as a WhatsApp status or even sharing it on Instagram’s story, you may further spread it.

You can also invite your contacts to check out the postings by sending them the link over WhatsApp. Once they have seen the message, you can urge them to “bump” it by leaving a BUMP remark on it or by liking and sharing it more widely so that it can continue to circulate and be seen by more people.

If other people haven’t seen the post yet, you may also send them the link via Messenger so they can check it out. Bumping a post is mostly done to raise its engagement so that it can reach a larger audience.

Additionally, you must like your own article in order to boost it and give it an extra push.

How do I get my Facebook post to the top?

There are a few things you can do to improve your odds, but there is no certain strategy to ensure that your Facebook post appears at the top of everyone’s newsfeed. First, ensure your piece has a compelling headline and is aesthetically attractive. Prior to publication, you want to make an effort to increase interaction (likes, shares, and comments). When the majority of your followers are likely to be online, publish.

What is the best way to bump a message?

New words, such as “bump,” are typed again on the first page to make sure the message has been read correctly. Bump-ins aren’t given preference in the forum unless a post hasn’t received a response or is many pages long.


With Messenger Bump, you can display your old message again through the bump without writing it. This feature is very useful. This feature reduces time wastage.

We are very happy to get this new feature of Messenger, it saves our precious time.

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