Is YT1s really the best way to download videos from YouTube? Will your mobile phone or computer be attacked by viruses? Through this article, you can understand how to use this website and how to download videos from it.

YT1s is a video downloader. From there, you can download your favorite YouTube video absolutely free. It helps you download videos from YouTube and Facebook. This website was released in 2020, but this website quickly became popular with everyone. It is very easy to use.

Below, I will teach you how to use and download this website.

Details of YT1s 4 main tools

When you visit the official site of YT1s, you will notice four downloaders listed directly below the logo image. From left to right, they are: YouTube Downloader, YouTube to MP3, YouTube to MP4, and Facebook Downloader.

YouTube Downloader: It allows you to convert and download your favorite YouTube videos for free into (4K/1080p/720p, depending on the source) MP4, 3GP, and MP3.

MP3 from YouTube: It only allows you to download an MP3 formatted file from YouTube for free.

YouTube to MP4: Similarly, for YouTube video downloads, there is only one MP4 format download option for free, without any selection for resolution. Here you will not get the option to select video resolution.

Facebook Video Downloader:  It claims to be able to download Facebook videos online for free. I tried many different FB video URLs, but all of them resulted in an error message (please try again). I encountered this type of problem. If this works for you, then definitely let me know your feedback via a comment.

Is Yt1s Safe to Use?

Yt1s is a YouTube download service that allows users to quickly download and save their favorite YouTube videos. Users can also choose to convert the video to other formats, such as video or audio. Although is generally safe to use, we would like to remind our users to always exercise caution when using YouTube download services.

If you ever want to use Yt1s or any such website, remember not to rely on their ads or pop-ups. Furthermore, we tell you that although it is not legal to download videos or any other files in this way, it is not right for you to download videos in this way. Also, if you need it very much, then you can use it or download the video.

What is the nature of Yt1s? Is it a virus?

YT1s are not viruses. It is a basic web-based program that allows you to download unlimited video or audio files from YouTube for free. Apart from that, the ad network that this website uses to commercialize its utility is not credible. This website uses the Propeller ad network, which may install malware on your computer. This may damage your computer. But if you are using a mobile then there is no reason to worry. You can download video files without any problem

Are there any limitations to YT1s?

No limit for YT1s download it unlimited free and enjoy it. Download videos and audio from YouTube and Facebook. YouTube Downloader YT1s, unlike many other online downloading applications, does not offer any video downloading restrictions.
You can download and convert videos as often as you like and it’s always free.

How to download YouTube videos from YT1s?

Downloading YouTube videos from YT1s is quite easy. Just follow the steps below to download your favorite YouTube videos for offline viewing. This internet tool lets you download videos quickly and save videos. You don’t have to wait long to get your favorite MP4 or Mp3 files. You just follow the steps below.

  1. Copy and paste any YouTube URL into the search field on the main page, or use the built-in search engine to discover your favorite video.
  1. Select the video output format.
  1. Click the “Download” button to select resolutions up to 4k or to download MP3 music.
  1. Wait for the video to download, convert the video, and save the file to your mobile or PC.
  1. Just by following these few steps, you can download your favorite videos very easily.


YT1s is a YouTube video downloader program that allows users to download videos from YouTube. This is a free and easy method to download YouTube videos. It is one of the best websites for all types of video formats and devices. This website has no restrictions on downloading videos from YouTube. You can download and save videos from this website for free. I hope you have benefited from this article and are able to understand how to use this website to download your favorite videos.

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